BCP Power is a globally recognised company built on a strong foundation of knowledge and experience. We develop, manufacture and sell innovative power modules from DCDC, ACDC, switching regulators and LED drivers. Based on the many years of experience BCP Power are capable of improving, optimising our modules to maximise efficiency.

Replace a discrete power supply solution up to 80Watts with BCP Power Modules

BCP Power’s solutions are a perfect fit to applications where reduction of board space or time to market needs to be accelerated. Offering a conducive work environment and investors in people we maximise the full potential of our individuals.

Our Ethos
Pioneers in power technology
High Efficiency
Desire to succeed
Continual professional development

BCP continually invests in Research and Development as well as promotes internally an active and healthy work environment. We are Investors in People and strive to be gain the best out of our people to help develop them personally and professionally. Our success enables us to develop new technologies for future markets and to be ahead of the game.