About Us

BCP Power is a professional electronic power component manufacturer with a quality line of products and a mission to develop the power industry with state-of-the-art products.

BCP Power bring more than 50 years’ experience in the power industry to the component manufacturing market, led by the vision of a director with 30 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing a large number of the DC/DC converters on the market today.

Our Core Values

Our core values stem from a board of directors who are widely known within the industry, and who, through their tireless, hands-on approach, have driven BCP Power forward for many years.


We believe that, through high-quality engineering and research processes, the power industry can be constantly moved forward and developed with the modern technology it serves. As technology advances, so must power, in order to meet the new and ever-changing needs of one of the world’s fastest moving markets.


BCP Power are a leading manufacturing company for a reason: quality. Our product testing is the most rigorous there is, and our facilities are ISO 9001/14000 certified. We place an unerring emphasis on safety and quality control. Our own confidence in our products is so high that we offer a standard what kind of warranty? on all components.

Multiple Markets

We don’t believe on a single market focus at BCP Power. We use our vast amount of experience and industry knowhow to bring our products to a range of industries, including industrial, process control, healthcare, telecommunications, rail and many more.